Medigap Insurance, Why Do You Need It?

Medigap insurance is a kind of Medicare supplement sold by private companies. It pays for medical expenses not covered by Medicare. It is one of the best methods to select because it does not discriminate which medical services are covered and which ones are not covered. Medigap policies work as Medicare supplement plans since it will pay for expenses not included in the original Medicare.

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To be eligible for Medigap, a person must be enrolled in Medicare A and B. Some people do not qualify for Medigap insurance until they are 65 years old. When a person turns 65, there’s an eligibility period of 6 months from their birthday month. During this period, they may enrol for Medigap regardless of the health conditions of the past. Also, when seniors enrol during the initial enrollment period Medigap cannot charge them higher premiums. For people who have Medicare Advantage part C, they are not eligible for Medigap policy only those who have the original Medicare are eligible.


With a Medigap insurance, seniors are in a position to see any doctor regardless of whether the doctor accepts Medigap plan or not. For a doctor who takes Medicare plans will, therefore, allow a Medicare-approved amount for the service.


For seniors who may wish to travel outside united states some of the Medigap plans will pay for care. Otherwise, Medigap plans will only pay for a medical emergency which happens within the first 60 days of the trip. If an emergency occurs 60 days after the tour, the seniors might have to pay for the medical costs out of their pockets without reimbursement.


You should, therefore, consider Medigap insurance because, it protects seniors from high deductibles, copays and out of pocket expenses. Medigap also covers some medical costs that Medicare doesn’t cover at all like the cost of medical treatment overseas. Therefore Medigap insurance is the best investment for those who can afford even though the senior is currently in good health.